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I figured I'd write a little how to for the removal of the chrome piece on the lift gate for all those interested. I'm having mine smoothed and painted to finish my debadging look. :cool: Plus, I dislike that piece of chrome for some reason. I think it breaks up the back to much. I like the rest of the chrome, just not this piece lol. I'm hoping for Friday having the complete piece installed, and I will update and post pictures then.

Tools Needed:
3/8" Ratchet
3" Extension
Deep 10mm socket
Trim Pry Bars (Harbor Freight Tools ~$10)

Removal - Liftgate trim panel
1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
2. Using a trim stick or another suitable wide flat- bladed tool, release the six lower retaining clips (3) and carefully pry the trim panel (1) away from the inside of the liftgate (4).
3. Carefully release the upper retaining clips (2) and separate the trim panel completely from the liftgate.
4. Disconnect the trim panel lighting connectors.
5. Remove the liftgate lower trim panel from the vehicle.

Next, there are (4) 10mm nuts and (2) black clips.

Next, disconnect the wire harness and press the tabs to release the black grommet

Now, the piece is free. Enjoy and mod away :D

Very easy to accomplish. Takes 30 minutes or less.
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