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Hello Guys!

I'm Rennan Mesquita, and I run a Product Design company, few days ago a client asked to replicate a missing part of the export flares kit, when I made it he said these flares we're kinda rare and a lot of people want them. I got really excited for these and started this project by myself! After a few thoughts I asked to participate on a Facebook group and posted some progress there and a lot of people really liked the idea! This made really really happy about it and I Signed up here to show it! I will show you guys the whole process of 3D scanning, 3D printing a prototype for fitting purposes and polishing the design and finally producing a batch of kits! Since I will have to do a Reverse Engeenering process on the parts, I will be able to make custom sizes for a wider body kit, keeping the OEM look for bigger tyres! :giggle::giggle:

Here's a checklist of the process and i will update this Thread Everytime i make progress:
  1. Finding a Donor car (Done! ✅)
  2. Removing the flares (Done! ✅)
  3. 3D Scanning (Done! ✅)
  4. Post Processing of the 3D Scan to Polish the design for Reverse Engeneering
  5. 3D printing a Prototype to check if fits correctly in the car
  6. CNC Machining the mold
  7. Start of the Pre-order
  8. Shipping
Will be Available two types of material for you to choose! 😁
Standard Sizes:​
Premium Reinforced Fiberglass (Not FRP for now!!!! I Really want to make them in FRP but I'm struggling to find who can produce them in this material at my area, I will make sure to update about this if I find it!!)​
Flexible ABS Plastic (Keep in mind I will have to make them manually so will take time to finish it!)​
Custom Sizes:​
Only Flexible ABS!​

Finally pictures of the process!
First Part I Made in Flexible ABS for the original client, He got involved in a small crash and lost his front bumper part in the left side, so I took the right part, made some measurements and replicated for the missing side, I had to redo it because the corners were a bit sharp, but sadly I didn't get any pictures of it 😔

After the whole kit was complete, I started to search an OEM side part so my kit could be 100% perfect, and luckly the same client could find it! 😅 Since I really wanted the best result possible I got in touch with a Professional 3D Scanner, but First I had to remove the kit to get a 3D mesh of the inside of it, here some pictures and a Small video I made while the car was in service, but I had little to no time to Scan because the car was coming back to the client in the same day, I had to bring the Equipment to the Suspension Shop and improvise it! 😛

Now a Litte Video of the 3D Scanning Process so you all can check how it works!! Sorry for our improvised workbench!! 😅😅

The final scanning result will be finished tomorrow! After that I will work on the post processing of the 3d model for Reverse Engeneering and be able to make wider sizes for anyone who wants them!! Hope you enjoy this little Project! After every update i will post it here and in the Facebook's group "Cherokee SRT8" If anyone has an WhatsApp or Telegram group, I could join and show updates earlier, or if you guys like the idea, I can create a group on any Social Media you would like so we can talk about updates and preorders!

Thank you all for your time reading this post and I hope can make your wishes for these parts more accessible! Cheers! 😄😄
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