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OK I've replaced my thermostat at least a half dozen times since I bought my '06 in 2013. I replaced it just 2 weeks ago, and a couple days ago I noticed it running warmer than it should. Then today I notice it is damn near pegged, even on the highway! I turned the heater on full blast and it came down to 3/4 on the gauge (220-230 degrees on my Trinity), and limped home. Took my other vehicle to Advance Auto and bought another MotorRad 180 (I swear no matter what "brand" all the thermostats for HEMIs are MotorRad). I pulled my old thermostat out and boiled both of them. Sure enough, the 2 week old one failed to open and the new one opened no problem. Runs at 192 consistently now.

I'm so good at replacing thermostats in this Jeep I can have a new one in in about 15 minutes, with only spilling SOME antifreeze!

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Anyways, there doesn't seem to be much to these thermostats. WHY DO THEY KEEP FAILING ALL THE TIME!??
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