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where's the bass?

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coming from a '10 jeep srt with the kicker sub i always ran bass at level 2 or 3. with the new "high performance" audio i run at 7 and it still sounds weak. wtf?

also, i hear no difference between stereo and surround modes. anyone else?
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i got that surrond mode in my 2010...i did some research on it for wk1's it made for when you are playing movies...i believe vocal's only come out of tweeters and bass is strictly out of the door panel speakers..thats the difference. while in regular mode vocals come out of all speakers
It's louder when it's in stereo mode
Anyone know what equipment/hookups you need to add an aftermarket sub to the factory head unit/amp? Id like to add a 12 sub to this since the factory sub sucks.
see if pac audio makes anything, otherwise, grab signal using a high-low converter after the amp. Should be able to use the wires connected to the factory sub.
Yes and says that you lose the factory treble, mid, bass adjustment
Yes, but the loss of control for bass/mid/treb would only be for the speakers attached to the additional amp? Im only going to add a sub amp and sub. Would I still leave the factory amp hooked up or does this part basically just nix the factory amp and allow for another amp to be added? im confused.
Check Audiocontrol, I use the LC8i to get my signal and add amps to the factory system without losing any factory audio adjustments.

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I think the LC8 would be overkill for a sub amp.
To the OP, get that adapter and give it a shot, should work for that. If it doesn't work, return it. Lol
I have been thinking about getting the LC2i from Audio Control or the C2A-CHY23 from PAC Audio. Anyone give me advice on these 2 units? I cant decide which one to use. the PAC Audio module plugs directly in to the head unit and is made for the 12 Jeep, the LC2i is made for the same thing but im afraid of compatibility and such. If anyone can help me decide I would appreciate it!
I installed 2 10's in my 2012 srt8. All the shop did was wire in a hi/low converter from the factory sub signal and hooked up the subs, sounds good.
I installed 2 10's in my 2012 srt8. All the shop did was wire in a hi/low converter from the factory sub signal and hooked up the subs, sounds good.
So you are using the factory amp, with the new subs?
I've come to notice it depends more on the song and what bass frequencies are in it. I've got the WK2 pounding on some songs. Its sounds great when it's there, but yes, can be lacking at times. But, I've always ran large systems before. 2000 watt 3-12's. Moved down to a single 15 eventually. I'm happy with the WK2 though. I'm getting older I guess haha.

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Agree that it is very song dependent. Put the right track on and the factory high performance system pounds pretty hard. Can you put in some after market stuff that will thump harder of course you can!
I would like to get something nice installed in the factory sub space. The sound is nice but with the windows down i am becoming underwhelmed.
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