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Where to buy dual kicker subwoofer?

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So some rats broke into my garage took a bunch of stuff, including my single sub. I was looking to replace it with the duals, I checked just for jeeps, and i see that they dont carry them for the jeep. Only the liberty and patroit/compass.

Would these fit in my jeep? do they come with wiring?

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They discontinued those for our jeep a while back. I bought mine off a member who did a custom box.
Does anyone know if the patriot or liberty models could be modified to fit the gc?
My gut feeling is that the only difference might be the width. I would contact Kicker directly to ask.
I am interested in this answer as well. Perhaps Milous could get the specs and dimensions for us.
Any box made of wood can be "modified". Or, someone who owns the single & dual boxes could publish their exact timensions... then people could make their own.
I've seen the PN for the clips on here. (even though $60ea comes to mind)
i was just gonna break down and buy the single sub, but they are discontinued as well, wtf!!
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