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Whats invoice and anyone have lease#'s

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Well guys im back After first looking into a wk1

At that time i had a well sorted evo and well didnt really see the performace wow factor
So i got into a bmw 335 and set it up with a nice tune.

Well now im just about in love with the new gc srt!!
Im not looking to be king of the streets,,, im older,,, and im not looking into a track ride either

But i really love what is gc is for what it is. A great total package!!

What i dont like is the $65k. The base ar $55 k would be okay and that too might be a stretch

So anyone try a lease on these? And what is invoice, i seen a few got them at invoice

Also when would you expect dealers being more likely to deal on these,,, maybe fall ??

Thanks guys!!! I love your trucks!!

And KingMonkey your sicccckkkkkkkk!!!

: )
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45 views and nobody has anything to add??


That there tells you the value of the Truck!!

My Wrangler Im in now was 50-50 residual over 3 yrs.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I need to go see one in person here.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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