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Performance History - Stored Values "Lost"

I have had my 2012 Jeep SRT8 since Nov 2011. Has 30K miles on it now. This "problem" has always been there as far as I can tell. My computer held the 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile times for a couple of months, the 0-60 best time for no more than a few weeks. Eventually, it all disappears. Nobody at the dealership seems to know anything about this.

Now, most recently, my HDD is not working right. I have a lot of music stored on it and just last week when I tried to play back some of the songs the "play" function will only access one song in one folder. In the "manage" section I am able to see that all the folders are still there and all the songs are still in them, but I can no longer play any of them.

When I updated the navigation software last summer I thought that the system firmware was also updated and hoped that the performance history problem would have been fixed. That did not solve that problem, obviously, and now I have this HDD problem too.

How can you get this fixed? Especially if the dealer does not have a clue what is happening...
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