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Wavetrac LSD Group Buy

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Who's interested?

Applications Include:

2005-08 SRT-8 300C / Magnum / Charger

2008 Challenger SRT-8

2009-11 LC / LX 5.7L A/T:
Challenger / 300C / Charger

Part#48.309.185WK - Retail $1095+SH

and also

2005-10 WK SRT-8 Cherokee Rear

Part#48.309.164WK - Retail $1295+SH

We will pm price breakdowns to anyone that is interested and add you to the list...please shoot us a pm if interested

The list

1. Tugboatchad #48.309.164WK PAID
2. rdrdr90 #48.309.185WK PAID
3. eskle #48.309.164WK PAID
4. Untouchable #48.309.164WK PAID
5. Intimid8er #48.309.185WK PAID
6. ed330 #48.309.185WK PAID
7. on and so forth

PM, Email, or Call us if you are interested in this group buy and we will fill you in on the details!

"Unleash The Beast"
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If you'd like to be added to the list please pm us, we've already gotten past the first tier if it'll only get cheaper from here on out!
eskle and Untouchable added!
collecting funds soon, list is growing!
Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that we will be collecting the funds the first couple days of the week and once we have all the funds together, hopefully by Friday, we'll get everything shipped out! Thanks again for all the interest!

Intimid8er added!
Thanks to all the guys that participated in this GB, if you have not paid, please give us a call so we can take payment info from you. If you are still interested in getting in on this deal, just give us a call, we'll add you to the list and take care of payment all in one shot! Orders will ship out late this week, possibly early next week. Thanks again guys.
Placing the order soon, if you're still interested give us a shout!
All current orders have been paid for, and are ready to ship! If you'd still like to take advantage of the deal, please give us a call...888-312-3666

So far all the orders have been paid for and are shipped, if you are interested in getting in on this deal still, just give us a shout and we'll get your charged up and taken care of ASAP, you have until the end of this week basically. After that we will still offer these at a great price, just not as good as the group buy!!! Take advantage of this offer while you can guys!
If anyone is still interested please let us know, this thread will end next week but the sale pricing will still be around for you guys!!!
Okay guys, this group buy is officially over, if you still would like to get in on a stellar deal, give us a shout and we'll be glad to get you a great price, plenty in stock and ready to go!
Successful group buy! For all the guys that missed out on the deals give us a shout and we'll be glad to get you one of these units for a great price asap!
We also have the carrier bearing shim kits ready to ship as well with the purchase of the LSDs, just let us know if you need them or not, these would be required to install the LSD, you can also buy the full bearing kit as well if you want to replace pretty much everything back there...

Note: LSD's do not come with shim kits or install kits, they come as is just plain old LSD in the box.

Most driveline shops will have the shims and shim kits avail or access to them, they will just add that into your install bill as "shop supplies/expenses" most of the time, we use the Unitrax kits, these kits run about 65 bucks and are not too terrible on the wallet, the bearing kits however are NOT required as the bearings hold up extremely well in these rears from what Unitrax has told me as long as the rear's have not been neglected...but they are always good to have on hand, those are a lil more expensive but are a complete package. So for all the guys that bought the LSD's, sorry if I didn't explain this earlier, hopefully you're not attempting to just install at home in the garage as this is a pretty extensive install and the proper tools are required. Just wanted to clarify as a customer brought this up to me recently.

Another note, please use additive free synthetic gear oil, do NOT buy the stuff with LSD additives as it is made for clutch based LSD's, this is a gear based LSD....just a reminder

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info added for all those that have purchased the wavetrac or intend on purchashing it in the future....see above post please....
So guys as you know, the group sale is over, but we're still offering a fantastic deal on these units, give us a shout for sale pricing and we'll be glad to get you taken care of.
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