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Who's interested?

Applications Include:

2005-08 SRT-8 300C / Magnum / Charger

2008 Challenger SRT-8

2009-11 LC / LX 5.7L A/T:
Challenger / 300C / Charger

Part#48.309.185WK - Retail $1095+SH

and also

2005-10 WK SRT-8 Cherokee Rear

Part#48.309.164WK - Retail $1295+SH

We will pm price breakdowns to anyone that is interested and add you to the list...please shoot us a pm if interested

The list

1. Tugboatchad #48.309.164WK PAID
2. rdrdr90 #48.309.185WK PAID
3. eskle #48.309.164WK PAID
4. Untouchable #48.309.164WK PAID
5. Intimid8er #48.309.185WK PAID
6. ed330 #48.309.185WK PAID
7. on and so forth

PM, Email, or Call us if you are interested in this group buy and we will fill you in on the details!

"Unleash The Beast"

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Good question...your rear end doesn't come equipped with a limited slip differential from the factory, this will replace your factory differential and equalize power going to the back wheels....instead ofthe one wheels peel that you guys get...or two wheel I should say, one in back and one in front...make sense?

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Skip pm a quote please .

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Hahaha! Dead thread! I need another front Wave, had to sell mine 4 or 5 months ago when shit was tight!

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