I recently sold my 06 srt8, because I wanted to make some changes to my life. I just got hired at a ford dealership and hope to soon within a few months be making way more than I am now. I was thinking of getting a hellcat and dailing, my commute is now 11 miles and I could care less about gas for 11 highway miles because I could grandma the car whenever I want.

cut to the chase, a hellcat breaks loose and you have to do all these precautions so that you don’t. I loved my Jeep so by the end of the year I can allow myself to finance up to $60k on a car. If someone has a supercharged 392 and the motor has been modified for boost I can do that, or a trackhawk if someone has one that maybe had slightly higher miles. Has to be clean title, I don’t care what state if it’s worth it it’s worth it.

I’m putting this out now to get a feel of what people have and to see if anyone plans on changing their cars out anytime soon.

just because im going to be working at ford doesn’t mean I want to be driving one