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Vortech supercharger in winter?

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would I need an other tune? how does the supercharger reacts to -30C to -35C??
what are the options? sorry for the noob question.
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I have been wondering this myself...North Dakota climate can't be too friendly for forced induction. Mine is garaged every night but still...
So far Most with V3 head unit ( Self lubricated ) has had no issues , I'D recomend a good warm up before you take off , I have the V2 which uses motor oil via an oil feed line so no worries there . As for tune I would say yes , if you have an wideband gauge to monitor your afr that would be great as it tends to lean out with colder temps . Just ask your tuner .
I have the V3 and live in Northern IL. Now into my second winter and so far so good. I'm garaged at night, but after work is the vulnerable time. Even though the V3 oil is self-contained, I use the engine oil as a guide... as I think others have talked about on the forum.

I tend to let the engine oil warm up over 90-100F before driving and, then, keep RPM below 3,000 RPM until engine oil is over 170-180 before 'medium' aggressive driving. Even then, I try to stay out of it for another 5-10 minutes, especially on the brutally cold days. Vortech does have a 25F minimum disclaimer by the way. I generally don't go WOT nearly as often when it's below 25F, even though it can really haul ass in the colder air! Plenty of fun to be had when it's about 35-40F though.

As far as leaning out, just another good reason to get an AFR gauge.

I'm nowhere the expert others are here, but just trying to use some common sense and giving all the fluids a chance to warm up. My 2 cents!
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One of the main reasons they have is because the fluid cooler can freeze up and break the cooler. The manuals have you mix 90/10 water and coolant, but for colder climate operation you should do 50/50 to prevent problems then change it back out in the summer because it cools more effectively with water.
I'm waiting for the pro charger kit, they don't care about what temp range I live in as long as I allow warm up time, and their base HO kit is on par with a T-Trim vortech for flow and capacity.
As long you run a 50/50 mix all u do is warm up and take off , avoid hard acceleration when cold that's all .
I looked in to this big time when I had my 09...I talked to the Vortech guys and they could not say how it would work in that cold...they say under 30f is in real cold I think its way more of a problem then it would be worth to run in winter.
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