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Vortech Bypass Valve Issues

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So here's the deal, I have the vortech kit with their bypass. *I am really thinking there is either something wrong with the bypass or there's a better option out there than what is included with the kit. *Basically the symptoms are that there is a very on-off feel to when it's open and closed. *At part throttle anywhere from -5inhg to 0, it'll basically suck closed and stay right at 0, snapping the car into a 45% throttle acceleration. *If you hold steady or let of even the slightest bit it'll snap open and go to 15inhg instantly, letting the car fall on it's face and feel like it just lost all power. *There's really no in between, I want a smoother transition from boost/ no boost on partial throttle.

Does anyone else experience this? *If so what did you do to fix it? *What are my other options for a bypass?

I've tried to adjust it some, basically it's adjusted almost as far out ad it can be safely, pretty much how it comes from Vortech. In my mind any tighter and it'll just close sooner and be in boost more often.
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