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Viewing window sticker online

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I'm doing some research on possibly getting a 2012 SRT. When I bought my 2009 I was able to go to the Jeep site, search new inventory, and when the results came up I was able to view the window sticker. Now when I go through that same process the sticker link is no longer there. It is now a bunch of "+" drop down bars. Is there a way to view the actual sticker on the 2012s, or are they not doing that this time around because of pricing? Any links or suggestions would be great! Tx.
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If you click on the dealer link, it will take you to their page. You can search their inventory and get to a page that will allow you to view the window sticker. It was much easier a couple of years ago.
Go to the jeep web site put your zip in get a dealer go to his web site and pick the car you want to see and it will show the window sticker. At least in ca they do. Our dealer in town took in trade 3 gc srt8 in the last week . I think there was one 08 and two 07.
If you need help with pricing, invoice, anything let me know. I am back in the business kinda:cool:
Thanks Champ (real name?). My 2009 has 26k miles and a few months left on the warranty. I haven't had any problems with it, but I only like to hang on to cars for 2-3 years. I'd rather have a monthly car payment that I can budget, instead of an older car with a low payment that might incur repair bills.
Anyway, I'm just starting the process of looking for a new vehicle. My 2009 frustrates me in the snow sometimes, my 2005 5.7 was the best all around car I have ever had. I'm kind of debating whether or I should get an SRT or Summit right now. I haven't driven either at this point, just gathering info.

and be aware that the online window stickers aren't always 100% accurate. so call or visit dealer to confirm. i found some local jeeps window stickers did not accurately show what tire type was on the vehicle (3 season vs. all season).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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