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We finally got 6" of snow up here in northern MN just on dec 31st, we've had zero snow on the ground since beginning of oct that melted ina day! Got the sleds out today and just installed a JD Powersports CAI on the Arctic Cat T660 Turbo. It really opened her up, dyno proven to give about 3-5 extra hp. Everything on the cold side of the turbo stockwise was really restrictive and not the greatest design. It sucks warm air from engine compartment then goes through a pre-filter, makes a 180degree turn going through the primary filter and makes a 90degree turn then through a curvy plastic pipe finally making it to the turbo:eek: Now its just one high flow filter straight to the turbo.

Just took a quick vid on my phone and thought it was pretty cool to hear the turbo whine and the BOV on a SLED:D Not the greatest quality vid but thought it was worth putting it up, it sounds ALOT better in person. The camera cuts out most of the whine, ill get a better vid aswell as it racing the srt haha

Mods that are next in line.
-160 t-stat down from 195IIRC
-solid motor mounts
-boost and A/F guages
-IIRC 20 tooth main sprocket along with new chain(down from 23 tooth main)it will change to a aprx 1:1 ratio so ill get better low end(it wont bounce of rev limiter and cut timing) aswell raise top speed
-lighter clutch weights and new higher lb spring
-Snow Performance water/methonal injection system
-plug and play tuner kit, raise boost from stock 18-19lbs to 25lbs,along with on the fly switch to run 30extra hp tune(aprx22lbs) or 50extra hp tune(aprx25lbs).

Should be close to 200hp when done, Stock is 110hp. Although we had a arctic cat tech ride ours he said ours was deff a hot one, he said prob closer to 130-140hp:eek: Ive ridden others aswell and its a big difference. We had two T660 sleds to begin with and this one would just walk all over the other one which was spose to be the exact same specs.

Just to compare to the jeep hp per lb
Stock T660 700lbs 110hp=6.3lb per hp
Modified T660 700lbs 200hp=3.6lb per hp
Jeep SRT8 5000lbs 420hp=11.9lb per hp
Vortech SRT8 5000lbs 600hp=8.3lb per hp



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Is this a snowmobile?
Yes it is Keoni, Arctic Cat T660 Turbo, 660 cc's or 40 ci, inline 3 built by suzuki
Oh... Yea!! :D
Yep only ours is black with blue accents not that nasty green
Haha thanks, yes it a little beast forsure
Sounds cute.... I wanna put it on my key chain!
Funny Harrison:p
That's awesome Derek! Damn, sometimes, but only sometimes, do I wish we would get some snow like that here and I had a toy.. .

Looking forward to the video against that stock '10 of yours :p
Thanks Johnny! Haha oh this weather is worth all the hassle believe me!

Same here bro, as soon as the roads dry up from all the nasty salt ill take the jeep outa the garage and get that vid:D
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