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Vibration Issue

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Haven't been on for a while.. been playing around with a new Corvette C6 I recently purchased. Getting back to the Jeep now and wanting to fix the "70 MPH Vibration" most of us know about. I've been reading through the threads and it seems the final verdict on a fix is the lower control arms. I've done as much reading as I can take on this topic and apologize in advance if my two questions are already answered (I didn't find a solid answer). Does anyone know if the dealer is replacing these under warranty? Do we have an aftermarket (poly) upgrade yet? My assumption is that if I replace with a new set of control arms it's a matter of time before the problem comes back. It's an 08 with 30K on the clock and if memory serves it started around the 8-10K mark.
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This doesn't answer your questions, but I had the vibration with the goodyears. I just had vredesteins installed Monday and my vibs. are gone. Have you changed tires? Good luck.
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