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Used Borla Type S

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I bought this used and bent up off of this forum a little while ago.

I had the exhaust fixed, it is as close as I cared to get it and unless you're looking for it like a fanatic you'll see right past it. Straightening out the bends that were damaged was impossible so we cut and welded in a section.

I'll get pics of the repair and the end result up ASAP, just waiting for the weather to clear up in Buffalo. I'll get sound clips too if need be.

I'm selling it because my hitch doesn't work with the exhaust and I'm moving into my new house shortly, so the hitch has to go back on. My wife got used to the drone and enjoyed the sound... but we don't know how a baby would react to it, so it's gotta go.

I'm just trying to recoup my losses here, $600obo + shipping from 14227.

From VA shipping was $155 I believe.
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Couple quick vids I took this morning. I'll get better ones if need be.

During the repair

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Re-hosted the vids, better now. Sorry guys.

I'll try to get them up on YouTube if someone wanted better quality...
YouTube butchered it too.

If you want HD, just txt me 716.901.1081

I'll snag some pics tonight...
Resonators are still there. I have to get dimensions on the box, hopefully tomorrow.

I'm in a temporary apartment so I'm not able to store it here. Sometime this weekend for sure.

I do have a guy with dibs on it now, so the exhaust is coming off the truck and being packaged and shipped to him assuming I don't hear anything in the meantime.

I'll post back with an update. Thanks.
Video of exhaust off the truck before shipping -

Pics -

Ready to ship -

Motorboy1 has first right of refusal... going to UPS tomorrow hopefully for a shipping quote. I think once I'm there I can get quotes for everyone in case motorboy1 backs out.

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Motorboy will have his exhaust in the mail tomorrow. Sorry man.
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