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Turning off o2's

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Hello all
I have a 2007 srt8 with the intune3 91 octane Cai tuned currently
With my tire sized updated as well.
I think I have a bad Catalytic so my question is
With access to a Autel 919 scan tool can I shut off my trailing o2 sensor without running into any issues???
Will the engine light also go out?

My buddy says he can shut down his on his merc suv.. but I'm can't find any info as per our rigs if it'll create any problems if it's at all possible.
Thanks in advance
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OK I see I've got a few eyeballs. Just to mention I have a Corsa Catback....

Any input on initial questions would be great.. can so eone tell me what "cmr" tuner stands for as I'm sure if I do get any responders that will likely be one..?
I'm in Canada so not much help and nearest Mopar specialist that I know are 2 hrs away...
CMR stands for ChipMaster Revolution. Do you know if it’s an upstream or downstream o2? And what bank?
I think the old diablosport predator was able to turn the o2's off from what I remember.
I'm thinking it's the catalytic the magna flow universal is a little smaller then stock and warmed up super quick after starting up after o2 replacement.
I've replaced both o2 and it seem like every other truck to always be bank 2.

Assuming I'd need the CMR tune regardless if the o2's are turn off correct!!?
Is the cat that is acting up original, or aftermarket?

Do they test emissions where you live?
The bank 2 cat is universal magnaflow I'm think that's the problem as I replaced both up and down stream o2s
No emission they cancel that thankfully.
I've gotten in touch with Johan so I should be able to get it fix up right ..
A couple of considerations:

If the cat is not exactly in the same place, or flows differently from OEM, you might need to adjust the cat "delay" (don't remember the actual parameter name). This compensates the signal for timing error of.

There could also be a parameter for heat up delay of the cat(s), which migh be the problem if yo have a mix match of cats.
Yea possible
Why is it that is always seems to be the bank 2 cat that always fails... I know I read a decent suggestion couple years back when I first ran into this problem..
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