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"Trembling" sound when I back up from Front Suspension!

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I have an 2008 SRT8... Is anybody else experiencing a "trembling" or "shakey" sound/feel when you turn your wheels (either way) and back up? The sharper the turn, the worst the sound/feel. It seems like something is loose... What should I look for? I took it to the dealer because it was going out of warrantee and they said they checked it out and everything feels right. Any advice would be appreciated!
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Sounds like your transfer case is binding up. I'm sure someone else will chime in with a more detailed explanation.
i have the same thing going on with my jeep any more info on this
im getting the same problem out of my 2010 kinda of worries me, i was gonna try n flush the transfer case n change the rear end fluids n the front end, if that doesn't solve it, then idn. i feel more like its a shutter everytime i turn my wheel hard right or left mostly left , and it kinda sounds like a hub has gone bad but its all good. im lost someone HELPP!!!!
I have this same issue on my 06! I would almost bet it's something with the transfer case, not sure what but that's what my money is on.
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