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Transfer Case actuator motor

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where can i find this part i searched all the net for it but didn't find it, plz i need to find where i can buy this part ?
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Jeep dealer....they are about $350.

Alot of people hate the dealer and try to steer clear of them but they are quite informative and helpful when it comes to parts. You give them your VIN number and the parts guy can find/get whatever you want.
make sure you check the earth on your battery before you buy one, if you are coming up with a "Transfer Motor Performance" fault code.
I got a service 4 wheel drive error from time to time but the car felt like it has misfiring issue when WOT, is there any service to do than replacing them?
That accuatre problem weakening my car on wot

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Holy crap that's expensive.
Does anyone have a picture of acturator facing the gear side, I rebuilt my transfercase do to gringond and now motor won't go on spline unless it's twisted hard . Aka fork applied , I wanna know if motor is stuck in awd postion or I did rebuild wrong, spline has normal 1/4 turn play in it just like it did before rebuild, tab is also facing correct way... Helpp!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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