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TPMS Threshold Reprogram??

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This really iritates me. Appearantly the TPMS is porogramed to alarm at 29psi. I have done the nitrogen fill, then reduced it to 30psi when @65 degrees. I like the ride at 30 better than 33psi. I am an experienced tech and am very picky.

Can the TPMS be reprogramed to lower the threshold psi alarm? If so can it only be accomplished with a factory scan tool??
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I don't think any reputable shop will do that even if they can due to the liability issue.

If you are running the stock GY runflats, be ready for the fronts to come apart on you after a few thousand miles at that low pressure.:boohoo:
no liability issue at all - anyone try this or have similar issues?? - I'm a european technican by trade and will tell you that other tpms systems do not have that tight a window for low pressure alarm. It is 4 freakin pounds guys that turn the low warning light on!!
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