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Toys for tots meet??

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Just seeing if there is any interest in this? If there was quite a few i'd like to set this up for the 17th or the 18th?

If i can gain some local shops/vendors to partake as well that would be great!

Im not to sure of location...lots of preparation in a short amount of time (i know im a dumbass for thinking of this really late). If anything i would use a general rule of amount of people traveling from and maybe use that area as a meet spot.

NY/NJ area.

Sorry for my extremely low post count. I lurk around!!

This would be a multi car meet, have a good time and more importantly for a good cause!

If anyone can pass this on other forums to gain interest that would be great

also does anyone know if i can have a spokesperson from toys for tots show up, or maybe them just have a truck to pick up from the location?

Thanks again for looking!
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Alright the location would be : Christopher Morley Park
link fixed

Date : Sunday the 18th

Time 10-3.

If i can get a good head count(car count) i can request a permit and contact the toy for tot program.
Bump recopying from my other statements :

Hows it going guys? Im trying to set up a meet for Toys for tots
Location : Christopher Morley Park , Long Island, NY
Date : December 18th
Time : 10-2pm or 3pm (Depending on turnout)

Sorry for the extremely low post count but im trying to spread this out like wild fire!!!

For more updated information please check out

or follow me on twitter @importunerdj

Sorry again for the extremely short notice!!
(Please do not get discouraged, this will not be one of those non sense meets )
PLEASE DO NOT RACE TO THE PARK (draw attention for wrong reasons)
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Bump!!! Turnout is going to be great (check above for info)
Toys for Tots meet is tomorrow!
Time : 9:30 Am to 1 PM
Location : Christopher Morley Park

For directions and more info check out or follow me on twitter @importunerdj

For anyone participating! Thank you and see you tomorrow!!!
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