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To Paint or Not to Paint?

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I have had the Red G2 kit for a couple months now, but am having a hard time convincing myself to mess with the factory finish! I like that the black is subtle, but also like how the red draws attention to a cool feature of the truck. I'll probably end up painting them at some point....

Question (probably a dumb one!):
Any concern about the paint drying around the 2 large bolts on the front calipers and making them hard to remove, or if you do remove the bolts, messing wth the paint?

Thx :)

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I say do it... you can always go back to black..

Why would you remove them?
Even if you do need to just a razor around the edge to cut off paint should do justice...
Thx. Ya I'll probably paint em when it warms up....
I just wasn't sure if those bolts needed to come off when changing pads ....,

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I repainted mine with a Black G2 kit and went with red decals to spice it up. The G2 kit works great.

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