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Hey guys, I just wanted to make this thread to make sure you guys all submitted your rebate forms with the serial numbers I have provided!!! As long as it was sent by yesterday and post marked by yesterday you will still be eligible, sorry I did not make this thread sooner but I just realized today is the 16th!! They have to be in by the 20th to be eligible!!! If you have NOT submitted your rebate form yet please get it done and EXPRESS the rebate form along with your receipt I made you to them ASAP to take advantage of that extra couple hundred bucks you get back!!!! Please post up a reply in this thread stating that you've done so just so I know that we're all OK. Remember this only applies to the guys that purchased before the 31st of December.

Thanks again guys for all the orders, glad we were able to assist you in all your boost needs, if there is anything that you'd like to add to your ProCharger packages, now is the time to do so to get the biggest discounts.

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