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Tire help!

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Looking at bridgestone tires for my jeep...fronts 275/40vr20 106v, rears 315/35zr20 110w...fronts are fullway tires. Rear tires are Lexani Tires...i can get them all 4 for 463 dollors...Is that good or no?
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Is lexani da rim u have or u have lexani tires? Or r u trying get lexani tires?
trying to get lexani tires for the back and fullway for the front...think thats a good idea or no
I dont think i know anyone running those tires. Id say go with vreds they r great tires but they r not good for snow.
alright thanks...vreds go for like 900 for all 4?
About 1000 shipped. Check black ops they have good price on em.
I would run proper tires on my jeep, I would never understand why people would buy a 30-40k dollar vehicle and cheap out on tires. My sister bought a brand new set of cheap Goodyear tires and I borrowed her car for a short drive and it had just rained and I was coming down a hill with a curve and hit the brakes then handbrake etc and the car continued to go straight ahead and missed someone's guardwall by literally an inch...Never again crapyears or crap tires on any vehicle. The tires are the heart and soul of the vehicle without good tires you have a very poor performance vehicle IMO no matter what you drive. Nitto has some good tires, the invos and the nt05's are a great summer tire and you also have the nt 420s a great all round tire. Then there is the continental dws tire, vreds, pirelli p0(summer) and the bridgestone kdw(nt)(summer). Tonnes of great tires and tire reviews on the tirerack once you are willing to change from the stock size like you've mentioned above..have a look bud!
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