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Tire 315/35/20 hitting the end link AND THE frame

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Shop guy says the Dunlop Sport Maxx DSST Run Flat (315/35/20) is hitting the rear passenger side end link AND THE frame, the upper area near the spring.
Relocating the end link will solve one contact point, but what about the frame area?

They say that a 5mm spacer should work, but is that safe?
I am not that familiar with spacers… any advice?
Should my vehicle be fine with the spacers?

Everything on the vehicle is stock.

I did find this thread about Bridgestone runflats very helpful, however it did not mention anything about the tire hitting any part of the frame.

Thanks in advance,
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R u running run flat tires?
R u running run flat tires?
Changing from Stock Goodyear to Dunlop Sport Maxx DSST Run Flats,
fronts 275/40/20 rear 315/35/20
Im not sure if i heard dat brand before, but most people change from stocks to 275 front n 315 NON RUN FLATS. Maybe thats why ur rears having issues cus they 315 run flats, and not non run flats.

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Dunlop is a rather well known brand & I actually found they fit on our Jeeps here on these forums. I was hoping someone who had them might see my post for any issue they may or may not have had trying to fit them.
I thought the cure was changing bolts that hold the end links to make it more flush.
There are some tire brands that are wider then others even thought they are 315.
Good luck
Runflats are generally a bit broader than similar sized non-runflat tires, I have no problems with my 315s.
In that thread that you linked, QBNKID says that he changed the bolt on the sway bar link to a round head bolt. If its making contact with the frame, there is not much you can do. But I would strongly advise against using wheel spacers of any size or kind.
I kinda remember reading some posts about them rubbing on the plastic wheel liner but never the frame. Is it possible the rear end isn't centered correctly? Has it every been wrecked?

The Jeep has never been in an accident.


I picked up the Jeep last night. The 2nd contact point on the frame was actually the upper “spring seat thingy” (not sure what the correct name for that part is) on the rear passenger side.
I swiped a picture from Senior Member “QBNKID”, thanks!, and added a green circle to show the offending area.


The shop relocated the end link to the other side of the mount and did a bit of grinding on the outer edge of the upper “spring seat thingy”. They still used the 5mm spacers.

The upper “spring seat thingy” stuck out about ½ inch from the frame inside the wheel well, which leaves just a couple mm’s of space between it and the stock GY-runflats on upward travel. With the 315/35/20 run-flat the tire actually touched this point on upward travel during the Shop "test"… i.e. the tire could touch this point on hard braking or aggressive cornering. Keep in mind, if I had my car lowered I probably would not have this problem (wife doesn’t want it lowered).

Next question for anyone…
Can someone check their upper “spring seat thingy” on the rear passenger side and let me know if theirs is flush or if it sticks out from the frame and by how much?

My plan in the next couple of weeks is to install the Bwoody end links and check to see if I can grind the upper “spring seat thingy” a little closer / flush with the frame, then check measurements with the spacers removed.
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Happy New Year all!

Finally got going on my end-links, not too bad of a job... if I had known Jeep used 18mm head bolts?

Here are a couple pictures of the 2nd contact point I mentioned in the above posts:
Without the wheel spacer I have about a 2mm space between the tire and the spring seat which I do not think is enough. How much more grinding should I do without screwing up the car? How close can I get to those joining spot welds?

Picture of the spring seat thingy:

Picture showing how close it is to the tire:

How much grinding is too much?
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Grinding complete... I took off about 4mm and the wheel spacers are now gone!

Here's after the touch-up...

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Can anyone help me with the size of the low profile bolts for the end links in the back??

...Been searching all over the place and cannot find this info...please help!

It is these type bolts that people use (and also come with the bwoody ends):
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