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Thinking about selling!

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Just thought I would share that I'm thinking long and hard about selling! The jeep is great and I love the way it runs and handles but after it being down for most of last year and just getting more and more pissed off with it, I think I'm seriously going to let it go and continue building up my dodge cummins!

This is not a for sale thread as I dont think there will be much intrest in it here but if by chance there is shoot me a pm.

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Nooo way. Dont do it.

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Sorry Tony! I'm sad too man....... But its not sold yet.

Newfiebullet...sorry i don't know what you've done to your ride or why it's been down for awhile. I know i was debating selling my Jeep too recently, but i could not for the life of me find anything more enjoyable.

I tried a new Subaru WRX STI, Infiniti G37 Coupe, BMW 335XI, Mercedes C-350, Merc C63AMG, Audi A4 Turbo and was disappointed with many features in many of these rides.

I know at some point i will sell my Jeep...but i don't know what could replace it for the money and the fun factor. I like the V8 sound, i like the seats and technology of these vehicles, i like the fact that parts are available and this was a low production SUV (around 12,000 units from 06-10).

I'd be sad for you if you sold it, but someone else would ultimately end up enjoying it too.

Best of luck with your decision.
I understand your feeling. Is the 440 running strong in winter or is it more of a track queen now.
Damn sorry to hear that Newfie.
What?!?!? After all you went through now that you do have it back you want to sell it? Although thats a lot of mod money for you diesel....
No way... All the time and work involved to get it running. :( Hopefully you start having second thoughts and realize you need it!
Take it from me, don't sell it. I've gone through 3 cars in the last year trying to find something that puts a smile on my face like my Jeep did and I haven't found it. I am now selling my current car to get back into a Jeep. I'm not going to make the same mistake again 3 times over. Sad to see you sell if you go through with it. But my advice, keep it!
I know but i got hard feelings for the jeep and ive gone through hell and back with it. The 440 is good, honestly shes not much of a track queen [email protected] lol, good for castrol i guess. For me the jeep it fun but the truck is 100 times more of a sleeper and just as much fun to drive.

I guess if i do end up buying another one ill make a deal through Stage 6 for the jeep and turbo kit all in one...

Yeah, if you buy another one I'd go for a low compression 426/393 and give it to Harrison and tell him to put a twin turbo in it and let Bill bulletproof the driveline...I guarantee that you will have a Sweeet ride!
Mike - sorry to hear bro....... but I can't say I'm totally surprised, though. I know all too well where you're coming from. Still doesn't make this any easier to read. :(

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

I'm crying a little bit inside right now.
Amen to that!
Sorry to hear this...
Duuude that is total weak sauce bro. You will seriously regret that decision.
Let it out man, if someone is not happy with me I dont hide it. Let your brothwers know what you are going through.
Yeah, if you buy another one I'd go for a low compression 426/393 and give it to Harrison and tell him to put a twin turbo in it and let Bill bulletproof the driveline...I guarantee that you will have a Sweeet ride!
Ya, of coarse......what's that another 40K. No biggie.
i have thought about getting z06 at times but i think im keeping it. there is not one thing out there like the beast and with these production totals they will keep a high resale value and possibly be a collector someday.
You guys are right i may regret it! But with the way things have been and waiting on a motor then having to wait on a replacement i know i can live with out it, Last year was a waste to even own it.

So With a full Billet tranny in my cummins shes ready for more boost and fuel and the wife wants a new ford edge sport so the jeep is 90% surely gone.

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