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Tempted by the Fruit of Another....

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GRRR! Perfect time to be breaking in the new 2012 and selling my old ride, but noooooo, have to wait! I hate waiting!!! Ordered in August, likely not in til spring (if local dealers are to be believed).

Then see this when checking for SRT8 around town

Hmmn, those go pretty fast warranty though, German built should be 13g, can supercharge right away if want with savings, since no warranty left.

Oh temptations, temptations......Has anyone on here owned one of these Teutonic monsters as well?
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go test drive it, and cant these actually go off road as well?
I plan to. If I could somehow purchase extended warranty, that will make my decision even tougher. These things are likely quite expensive to fix.

Balancing against the fact that this vehicle is used is the fact that the first year SRT8's are likely to have a few issues.

In last my last jeep owning period (2000-2005), I found the jeep dealerships none too outstanding about being able to reproduce the problems I reported needed fixing, while the vehicle was under factory warranty. Drove me straight over to GM. So still a bit concerned.

And a video I saw on youtube seemed to suggest you could adjust the air ride if going off road. Not that I would......probably only would if lost control booting it down the road!
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