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You said 10's or 9's.... you need to go the Turbo route. If you said 11's to high 10's, I'd say definately stay with a supercharger and supporting mods. Remember that when you go Turbo, there's no going back, you're stuck with all that exhaust piping everywhere, you can't just unbolt the kit and go back to N/A once you've got snails pushing upwards of 1000hp.

If drivability is more important to you than speed, stay with supercharger, it will pay dividents in the long run if you don't plan on keeping this vehicle a long, long time. Just becuase there are recent posts about 9's being run, doesn't mean it came easy... people have been chasing the low 9's now since 2006, we're JUST NOW seeing them. For the first three or four years, 11's and 10's were all the super-power-adder class was running. These 9 second rigs might work OK on the street, but they are modded for max, and built for running times on the track, with no looking back.

When you start to say 9's, you're not talking about JUST a turbo, you're talking about a fully built engine from one of the top builders, a full drivetrain upgrade, full fuel system upgrade, boost control systems, axles, roll cage.... the works. Start immediately thinking $35,000+, just in mods, parts, and labor.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts