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Starter Ticking

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This morning after I drove to work, I got out of my car and noticed a pretty loud ticking noise coming from under my Jeep. It looks to be coming from the starter area.

I tapped on the starter with a hammer and it stopped. I later went outside and it was ticking again. I tried tapping it again, but it didnt stop this time. After about 10 min or so, it finally stopped.

When i drove home from work today, I noticed it was doing it again after I stopped.

Anyone have any ideas? Is my starter going bad? Something else I may be missing?

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Def your starter. I had the same issue. lasted for another 6months then completely took a crap. Thankfully it was in my driveway! Hard timing getting it towed b/c our AWD. I would have done it myself but happened right around xmas timing and didn't have the time for it. Had to take to stealership. Was $350 all in, but the jeep starter has never sounded so strong even on the coldest of days as it does now.

Def replace ASAP to avoid being stranded!! Plenty of threads about how to replace yourself if you are so inclined. Good luck.
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