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SRT8 Silver 06 Jeep bumper

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This bumper is damaged, it is off of my 2006.

The bottom lip is broken off. But fixable.

Has the black textured center that can easily be sanded down to paint smooth.

LOoking for a local sale, but could work out a deal on shipping. Located in Columbus Ohio

Probably wont have luck selling it on here, I guess regular grand cherokee guys would be more interested than guys that already own srt's lol.

But its worth a shot, maybe someone knows someone that wants a srt bumper..

Im really not sure what to ask due to its condition, but to throw out a price picked up 120$

If your interested I will work you a deal.

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Ttt. Anyone??
Im interested, but im in sc, throw me an offer...
Ill let you know if it doesnt sell local. Shipping is outrageous..
Sold, mods close please
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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