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SRT Track Experience for 2012!

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Looking to buy another SRT Track Experience for this year since I couldn't make the one last year.

$200 seems to be the going rate, which is what I have bought and sold once before.

Let me know if there is anything.

I can walk you through how you transfer it over to me, as I have been the seller and buyer before of the track experience.

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Paypal ready....
I might have two left but if I don't go, I'd sell for four hundred each since they are five hundred dollar tickets. So if you can't find any for two hundred let me know.
Thanks. Will let you know, haven't had a problem picking one up the past 2 yrs for $200, but if I cannot find one, I will PM you.
Bump, still looking...
I have one. I would do $300 if you're interested. You would definitely have to talk me through the transfer. Let me know.
Bump, still looking...
Hey Johnny do you know of you can still use one from an 09 find out & let me know.

Is thread magically disappearing & reappearing? It didn't show up on my phone a bit ago & now its back.

Shoulda used mine lol
Bump, still looking...
i sent ya a pm about it
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