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SRT needs to do something like this to the Jeep!!

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This thing is unreal. It may not be for some, But I think it would turn some heads, and would be fun as hell to drive.

My god that thing is cool.

Love the pipes!!
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Looks like a big M3

Pretty cool looking tho!
670 hp! I'm guessing high 11's in the 1/4 eh?
Nice exhaust! lol. Love those trucks.
Pisses on any SUV. Period.
Tycoon Evo M, really?

Can't come up with a better name, what did a Typhoon and an Evo F$%k and thats what came out? Think about that for a minute :rolleyes:

0-60 in a mind boggling 4.2? Not bad but for something thats got 675HP

Like Ive told my wife, with enough money you can make anything look good

JayLo ain't got nothing compared to the back side on that thing!!!
Looks like SRT did do some work, since it has those center exhaust :rolleyes:

But I have seen this before, and the modified x5m. Nice rides, but crazy $$$.
They should have just called it "****ing Badass"
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These are only available in Germany though, wonder if you could order one directly from a BMW dealer in USA?
the Hamann packages are awesome, same with the vorsteiner their just sick. Im a big fan man, good link!
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