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When it got real cold last week, the jeep started to squeek really bad going over bumps, rough spots and up inclines at an angle. I still have the stock springs and about 94,000 miles. Never had it before until it got real cold. Was going to look at it when i switch out my wheels to my winter ones, but now it has gone away since we started to warm up this week. :confused:

Very weird. I'm thinking its my springs where they mount, but could it be the B-woody sway bar links I installed in the summer? Maybe to tight? i didn't torque them down to exact bc my torque wrench was not around when i did the install. I never had this before and this is my 3rd winter with the jeep. Only thing i ever changed was the sway bar links for suspension. I know might be hard to limit it down, but while i'm under there is there anything i coulld spray on the springs where they mount (top and bottom) and the sway bar bushings w/ out desroying any of the material? Lithium grease, chain lube or anything along those lines?
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