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Squeaky Suspension

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I have a problem with the suspension squeaking, after lowering my Jeep and adding new sway bars?
Recently added the B'woody lowering springs and addco sway bars. Changed out the front stock shocks(one was leaking) and added the adjustable QA1 to the back.
Any advice on how to stop the squeaking? Is it the Urethane bushings?
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Did you grease the swaybar bushings?
From what I've done and read. Make sure everything was greased well on install and the spring perches are clean of dust and debris. Basically a good clean install and well lubed.

Not sure on the sway bars, I don't use them.

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Like said above..... lube you sway bar bushings. Mine squeeked for months. Lube'd the bushing and all was good.
I ran addco bars on my previous grand cherokee and if I didn't lube them every oil change, they would squeak. I usually replace the rubber spring insulators/perches when doing a shock/spring change on any car.
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