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Speakers, upgraded amp

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I'm having Nav installed on the 26th of Jan, so I might as well upgrade the Boston Acoustic speakers and amp while they have it apart. If anyone has anything better and is looking to sell, send me a PM. Not interested in anything factory/OEM. My current system is from an '07 w/out Nav. Thanks in advance.
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The Boston Acoustic speakers are actually nice speakers.

I'll have a JL Audio Slash 1000/1 and a 300/4 for sale soon. Will also be getting rid of my subwoofer box built for two 12s. What are you plans as far as a "system" goes?
I'm having a Kenwood DNX9980 Nav Head Unit installed. I think the BA speakers are ok, but they don't sound great with my stock radio. I think they will definitely sound better with the new head unit just due to the fact it has more power right from the start. I already paid enough for the car so I really don't want to go crazy. I put a Kenwood system with JL speakers (separates) and a small amp in my BMW convertible and it really cranks ( also have a small sub, but no sep amp. If you think I'll be ok with the factory speakers, I'll just stay with them. What about just adding a larger amp or subs? Thanks for the advice.


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You could throw an amp to power the BAs independently and see how you like it. Example: the JL Audio 300/4 I'm selling soon. A woofer would obviously add some bass, but you'll need an amp for it too. I dunno what the stock BAs are rated at anyway, so don't quote me on anything, just saying they're decent, not the typical paper garbage you find in vehicles from the factory. You might set them on fire if you amplify them for all I know about 'em. They lasted all of 5 seconds after I bought my Jeep. :D

If you aren't looking at spending much, do the Kenwood head unit and see how you like it. Car Audio law states: "you will want more."
Thanks for the advice. I think I'll look at the doing the fronts with a sep amp. Good place to start. I'm sure some BA speakers can handle the power of a sep amp, but probably not the stock ones that come with car. If adding an amp, it probably makes sense to upgrade the speakers as I know I will fry the stock ones fairly quickly.

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