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Yes, I do like their appearance of the cars they do, but the pricing is ridiculous. People just have too much money and no brain.
I hear this thrown out a lot about tuned packages from cars of all makes and uses. I totally understand what you're saying, and in my old/traditional point if view I would think the same way....

However, given the financial resources of the type of people that buy his cars I know it doesn't matter to them. There's plenty of people like them that can afford this car in showroom trim, the buyers know if they have the means they're gonna make it worth "their" while and get a customized version in extremely low production. I can see it not being worth 230k to buyer if someone else in their wealthy neighborhood/town has one right down the street. But it might be worth 450k to them if there's only 20-30 built and it looks remarkably different.

At that point they don't think like us, battling with the dollars/horsepower argument in our heads, wishing if we had the cash we'd do something more worthwhile with it. But I guess that's why the rich get differentiate themselves from other rich people. We all bought the SRT because its badass and to differentiate ourselves from people driving lerados and standard limiteds....I guess you could put this in the same category lol

I in no way endorse John Hennessy and think he is a piece of $hit putting out subpar products, but he is an innovator and has really carved out a niche for his business...and that is the American Dream, shady or not.
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