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Well there's been a bunch of Coke vs Pepsi debates involving which of these are better.....

I'm just sharing my opinion having owned both transmissions in a high-powered heavy Jeep Srt8....i'm writing this review on both the companies and the transmissions.

Firstly, I will start out by saying that I have the utmost respect for both Eddie and Bill as they both have awesome transmissions!

I bought the SHR transmission from Eddie when my stock transmission barely shifted from 2-3rd anymore. Immediately after installing his transmission I felt very firm and crisp upshifts and selection of gears. One of the downsides were the harsh downshifts but i got used to it. Over the next few years I did a TON of hard driving, racing, and dyno passes.....probably about 35k miles within that period. It held all the way up to 920rwhp on the dyno and some passes at 860rwhp. As for price, I really felt satisfied with the purchase. I was slightly leery about the lack of warranty but his trany held up for a loooong time. Now a long time is great but it seemed like the firmness of the shifts had lessened some over time.

The thing that did the tranny in ultimately was the ALL TIME firm upshifts. When letting off the throttle, instead of it decreasing the line pressure in unison with the speed and acceleration it remained hard and that's what broke mine. That was slowly but surely the end of my transmission. I felt that if the firmness was tailored to throttle position and it shifted hard only when going fast that could have saved my transmission.

I will admit that i was a big time SHR cheerleader and to this day I still respect Eddie and think he has an awesome transmission. I know he has a new Viking transmission which i'm sure is improved and includes warranty but I wasn't able to get far with what I had. Eddie was always very easy to communicate with. Always called me back and answered texts occasionally. His wife is awesome as well. I would highly recommend SHR to any of my friends to this day!

I purchased my Paramount Performance Products transmission from Bill earlier this year. Seeing that i'm a student now, money has been tight and I had a stranded Jeep on my hands. Well this may sound like what everybody has been telling me for years but his customer service is TOP NOTCH. He worked it out for me perfectly for me to get my Jeep on the road all while being easy on the pocketbook. For that I can't think Bill enough!

Upon immediately installing the transmission I noticed an IMPROVEMENT. The most important attribute I was looking for was the shifting firmness when driving normal and driving hard. That was blown away at how it's firmness is selective. No more hard downshifts and upshift when just crusing...NOPE! Only when I wanted it to jump hard into the next gear. I concluded that the #1 best addition that this transmission added to my Jeep was a modified valve body. No doubt the transmission is strong as well seeing as it's in a majority of the top tier Jeeps and LX/LC vehicles. I have yet to test the longevity of the transmission but with a warranty and Bill's helping hand, I know i'm in a comfortable place! If I had to do it again, I'd chose the Paramount Performace transmission because it's much more driver a LOT.

All in all I'd have to say the Paramount transmission edges out the SHR by a very small the selective shift firmness via valve body mod worth the money?...hell YES! It makes it much more comfortable to drive a fully built race jeep around town daily, run a 10.09 at 135mph and even drive to college at times haha

SHR longevity...proven by many....warranty...yes....good customer service...yes....comfort...takes some geting used to

Paramount Performance Products longevity.....proven by many many more....warranty...always yes....good customer service...yes, the a soft pillow....or a raped ape....


That is all folks!

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well i have the viking.. in the beginning i was very worried about the downshifts, very worried about that .. but i did get used to it,, until one day it gave me the shiits, so i cleared adaptives did the procedures PROPERLY 2-3 times full cycles late at night on long lonely roads for about an hour.. and its been 3-4 weeks of virtually seemless mid throttle shifts.. AND DOWNSHIFTS.. BUT in upshifts its still incredible, i know what you mean about the backoff 3/4 just before a shift then it will "bang" into next upshift, but i just know now what it wants so i help it to not do it ..
as for customer service?? well i beleive i deserved a little better seeing i bought 2 in one hit, yep 2 vikings and a converter in one crate, i spent alot of money that i saved for months and months living like a poor apprentice again.. $2400 in shipping alone.
would i buy a shr tranny again?? yes
would i clarify some support is necessary BEFORE i buy ,, yes
would i consider bill for a tranny ? why not from what i read he deserves the work..

as i said in my opinion and not to start a war is the shr viking is a beautiful tranny i just wish i was taken seriously when i needed help and not shrugged off because im an Aussie, my dollars converted to US ones just the same as yours, i struggled to get emails replied to, i did get one tune sent to help but that was it , when i asked to try again there was silence,,, i tried emailing [email protected],,, nothing,,, i went on diablosport website to email edwin from there,, i got nothing,,, i had to wake up sooo early just to call and after being on hold.. and all i got was ,, sorry buddy cant do anything about it ,, busy on dyno .
so thats when i cracked it and figured it out myself,, a bloody adaptation relearn,, thats all it was ,, so far.
but i will say what sold me was definately the chick on the website,,, lololol

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Nice write up Paulie!! Especially as I know it's enevitable I will need a trans one day.
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