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set of 20" wheels (reps or oem)

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Looking for a good used set of wheels. Oem 20s or reps. Only interested in polished/Chrome finish. Tires/no tires. Not interested in beat up or peeling wheels that need to be refinished. Seems that's all I come across. If u have a set you are trying to get rid of for a reasonable price, send me a pm with price shipped to 75104. Would also meet in dfw tx

By reasonable price I mean that Im not going to pay as much for used reps as they go for brand new.
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kazaam has a set of OEM tims, like new from an '09, with new VRED tires on them.
If you "aren't going to pay a lot for a this muffler", then why don't you just post the price you want to pay?

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