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Run flat punctured!

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My GoodYear RAS Eagle RunFlat Rear got punctured yesterday around half inch metal cut.. the local tyre shop tried to repaid from outside but still its leaking air.. he said it needs repair from inside but putting a melting rubber or something like that? my question is that is it possible to repair this?? (pls say yes I dont wanna replace my tyre!)... If yes that is there any precaution for TPMS monitor while opening the tyre or removing it from the RIM?
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You need to replace your tires. Sorry, it's the best thing for you anyways. Get ride of those garbage GY's and get yourself a good tire. Vreds are your best bet.
the problem is that I am in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and these tyres like Vreds and Nitto are not availalbe here!
I bet if you ask nicely you could get someone to mail them to you. Then you would be the man rolling on some Vreds.
I had serious problems trying to replace the Pirrelli's here. GY isn't going to be very easy on you either. It's best to buy your tires from the States and import em. I did this with the last 3 sets of tires. Tire shop might be able to repair the tire.... Depending on if yours is an export model or not and the year, I'd be tempted to replace the TPMS as it's pretty cheap to do it when the tire is already off.
NItroCrzy.. how are you importing stuff from US? whats the best way of doing it. I am also looking to get rotors and pads for my jeep.
also my TPMS is fine at the moment. Are your saying that it will not work after take off the tyre? I have to relplace it!
I had a bungy cord end puncture my gy runflat and same thing had to be repaired by tire shop. They took off rim melted the rubber on inside sealed it up and 10k miles later still doing great.
yup did the same today patched for 25$... so far looks good.
My dad just got 2 tires on his V patched, which are also run flat. 3 weeks later, the tires have not lost any air. It is worth a try.
I would try and pay someone to ship you a set of tires. If you need new tires that is.. In my opinion its inevitable that your goodyear tires will fail. Those tires are a huge waste of money.
The nitto 420s tires are cheaper than the stock goodyears. And they are MUCH better. The ride is just so much smoother without that stiff sidewall in the goodyears.

I mean IDK how it will work for you since you have to get the tires shipped out over seas. But it might be worth it to pay someone to help you out. You could order the tires, pads and rotors and have them sent to their home. They can take the tires to a local UPS store and ship them out for you. Shipping wont be cheap, and you probably will have to pay somebody for their time but at least you can get what you need!

Hi, I'm in Dhahran and will be needing new tires soon as well. I found out some prices:

All prices are for 275/315 combo.

Pirelli dealer in Dammam
Pzeros - 3,200 US Dollars

Goodyear dealer in Dammam
Only had fronts (275)

Michelin dealer in Dammam
Latitude Diamaris - 1,900 US Dollars

Continental (through a co-worker)
4x4 SportContact - 2,000 US Dollars

Shipping from US seems to be ~1200 USD according to the UPS calculator. Doesn't make sense as it only comes out to a few hundred dollars cheaper than local prices. Wouldn't want to get a bad tire and have to ship it back!

I'm going with the Continentals due to price and much longer tread life. Just need to wear down the last bit of tread on my runcrap GY's... fun fun!
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