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Below are lots of words, they all work together and mean a lot, we ask you to please read through as we introduce ourselves to this community.

Perspective is important:
We'd like to take a moment of your time to bring some much needed RIPP perspective to this community. It's fair to say that there are long time forced induction vendors here and we respect both their opinion and demeanor. However, as they’ve been here alone, they've had the ability to bring a one-sided argument and only one perspective. We'd like to take the opportunity to fairly bring our viewpoint, share our approach and integrity. We’d like to preface this with at the time we are writing this there are nearly 100 RIPP SRT Systems sold worldwide since our launch in June 2014. We are in contact with many of those clients to make sure the quality and outcome carry over as expected within reasonable parameters. We have solid reports from WHP, 0-60 times and equally as satisfying highway pass' and daily driven performance.

Back Ground Message:
RIPP Superchargers has been in the high performance business under one name in one place for 20 years. For the last 14 years we have been supercharger system manufactures for various vehicles. We are a five man crew and design, engineer, prototype, assemble and ship in our humble 3000sq/ft. facility in NYC. We work hard for our brand and stand behind our products. We have earned and have been labeled Certified Third Party Engineering by Vortech Superchargers. This means we work hand in hand with Vortech with new system, sharing technical and market information as we progress through the given power plant. The Grand Cherokee system represents the cooperation RIPP and Vortech share in both engineering and market place. Vortech has commissioned RIPP in charge of the SRT Jeep line and we couldn't be more honored. We are currently the most popular Jeep Wrangler Kit on the market for the 07-2014 JK (3.8 & 3.6) with 4000 kits sold worldwide. The 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6, 5.7 and SRT we are introducing are actually the Vortech kits going forward. We will not be competing with a Vortech SRT kit or another third party vendor. As a brand we have a very extensive Dealer Network with a strong reach (worldwide). We have earned a very strong Whole Sale distributor network to the likes or Summit Racing and 4 Wheel parts, who proudly carry our brand nationally and have just recently featured a RIPP vehicle on the cover of their catalog. We hope this brings clarity to our technical ability and support as a vendor.

Technical Approach:
Our approach to these systems is a little different than our advertising competitors. We actually have a minimalist approach when it comes to our systems. This approach is welcomed by both shops and hands on enthusiasts. Our systems install much easier than any of our competitors, always perform within the parameters of the vehicle and never over power the OEM components. The vehicle never feels like it is working outside of its power handling capabilities. Our systems are minimally invasive, with no cutting, minor drilling, no wire splicing or AC modifications needed. Install time has proven to be a real world 6-8 hours. The kits come complete with many extras not included with competitors kits and all designed to work together. The included electronics come with tuning and logging capabilities that are pre-programmed. This means if there is a concern we simply ask the client to supply some simple data they retrieve from the vehicle and we can make an assessment/adjustment within 24hours. This also means if you ever decide to remove our system, there would be little to no trace it was ever in there...;)

One sides arguments:
We’ve read through all the posts, clients have brought concerns to our attention and we would like to bring clarity to our choice of technology. Our systems are the most value packed on the market period. We've seen the competitors and gauged their complex combination of installation, over-sized compressors, add-on extras that are not included, confusing combinations that are hard to navigate and non existent tuning that cost extra. Its easy to conclude that ours is a properly outlined, complete system that comes with what the end user needs to have a fun, safe experience. Their notion that your engine will break or can break is not fair to companies like ours looking to deliver a pleasurable end user experience. Their assumption that we are using too small of a compressor is a window into what they are actually selling and/or experienced. The fact is we have a properly sized compressor for the engine and drive train along with the supporting items. All the components in our system are designed for engine integrity and work as one. Are we working on a properly gauged larger power options? Yes. No we are not ready to release this data. We are instead concentrating on the current combo and clients around the world who are enjoying them.

Lastly, consider that we actually own a 2014 SRT. It’s our rolling test lab and what we use it to do our Proto-Type work on. We do not rely on client’s cars, bank roll or patience for this type of engineering. At RIPP we take seriously the end user experience, our in house tester is used to iron our production issues and develop tunes that work in different parts of the world. Think, elevation, climate, fuel quality and different needs like towing. No other manufacture takes the client experience and puts it first. They all go right to, power and components that are this-or-that. We counter those arguments with a well rounded, easy to own system and a question. How many times have any of us woken up in the morning and said, this is the day I blow the engine in my $70k car? That's what you get with bigger compressors and larger X's and Y's. If that's what you’re looking for then the guy down the road is telling you like it is and what you’re going to get. As it stands, we are setting the bar for a proper, easy to own end user experience, concentrating on the integrity of the drive train and constantly monitoring power delivery. Our system runs as a whole, no need for amplifiers, larger fuel pumps and other components that inevitably fail. In fact the simpler the better.

RIPP Systems come with:

  • Vortech V3 Si Trim (Self Contained)
  • Vortech Race Valve
  • Plug and Play Injectors (New Siemens)
  • Front Mounted Intercooler
  • 3.5in Boost Piping
  • Diablo Pre-Programmed Intune (RIPP Tuning Included)
  • Powder Coated Mounting Brackets
  • Gates Belt
  • Air Filter
  • Filtered Oil Catch can system
  • Hardware
  • 16 NGK Iridium Plugs (colder)
  • 180* Thermostat
  • 4 Ply Black Couplers
  • Vacuum lines
  • Zipties
  • Fully Illustrated Color Instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Tech line with Customer Service

In closing
Power and reliability are two very different things when you separate them - But we like to keep them together. Firstly, we only quote real-world HP numbers. These numbers are the HP levels we can expect all our end user clients to achieve (-/+). When we quote HP its at the rear wheels and not at the crank like the manufacturer does. The SRT 470HP rated at the crank turns out to be 340-370 at all for wheels (AWD-WHP). So to be clear, all SRT's are putting down just over 350awd. Secondly when we say reliability, we mean under all conditions, including the transmission. We are comfortable saying that the trans temps and fluids look to be fine based on our testing and throughout the extensive feedback we have received from real-world end users.

Our in house 2014 SRT Produced 378AWD-whp with 170 miles on the odometer.
  • 509rwhp At 4psi
  • 530rwhp at 5psi

Our clients have been reporting anywhere from 490-560AWD-WHP in various combination - but the average has bee 530AWD-HP world wide. Hot ambient temps do effect the power output and will make a little less (as expected).

Common Question:
  • Yes - We will be doing the 3.6 and 5.7 Grand Cherokee and Durango Later this year -
  • Yes we have the 5.7 engineered and working through electronics.
  • Yes, we work hand in hand with Diablo the company and lean on each other for technical data. Our calibrations are certified by Diablo and then actually pre-programmed into the supplied tools.
  • Yes, we work directly with Vortech and K&N
  • Do I need headers? No, not for normal everyday driving and having fun. YES if you are going to road race it or Hot Lap it. Cylinder head temps can cause cylinder head failure, piston failure and over-heat the engine bay temps further robbing power. In our initial testing we've found and proven that smaller primary's work to a well rounded power gain. The larger primary tends to move the power later in the RPM. Please keep this data in the context of a RIPP HP formula and may not apply to competitors approach.
  • Does it void my warranty? Probably, unless your dealer is super cool (and some are). RIPP has an excellent reputation among many dealers worldwide and typically they work something out. We cannot take a position on or with a dealer, each circumstance is different. We can only say we do our best to avoid end users having to go to the dealer.
  • I live in high elevation do I need a special tune? No just data to our tuning department.
  • Should I get it custom tuned for more power? You can do what ever you want, your a big boy, if it breaks you can fix it. Don't blame it on us, the blowers small ;)
  • Do I need special gas, 91 or better please.

Question Welcome

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Thanks for your patience RIPP Superchargers. Welcome as our newest supporting vendor!


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Ripp Review

I got my Ripp kit installed about 3 weeks ago and all I can say is its been a very fun 3 weeks lol. I got this kit for the main ideas behind the kit- I wanted a simple and safe mod that would make this jeep feel like it should. I am not looking to build the fastest jeep on the planet or try to compete with the fastest out there. I just wanted to make the driving experience a lot more bad ass and the RIPP kit did just that.

a few nights ago I clocked in 3.7 0-60 in the hot Texas heat. Before the kit went on the best my Jeep would do in the summer was 4.7-4.8. My best time last winter was 3.7 so I can't wait til winter to see the insane times it gets. I did 0-60 in 3.3 with a 130 shot so I expect times to be around that.

I had my piping powder coated white to match some other painting I had done.


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