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Below are a few of the SRT's we've had on our Dyno to continue our on going development. Often our competitors will say, you cannot tune on one vehicle and expect one tune to fit all. We couldn't agree with them more. That's why we go to the trouble of dialing ourselves in over and over. Requesting logs from vehicles as they put miles on them. Our relationship with clients does not stop at the sale, we want to make sure the ongoing experience is proper. You can see the consistency in the vehicles below, all the same kits all within the same HP region (within reason).

NON of these vehicles were dialed in for MAXIMUM HP. These were all dialed in for proper ECU calibration and drive quality. The dyno tuning session we do are not intended to push envelopes, instead, keep vehicles on the road.

All vehicles tested on our Dyno Dynamics LB440 one of the most respected dynos on the planet.

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Plain and simple easy to own

Stock SRT Cherokee's produce 380whp when tested on our in house Eddy-Current Dyno. With the Stage 1 RIPP Supercharger its an impressive 506-570whp, a gain of 126-170net real world HP. That HP effects every aspect of your day to day driving, what was fun will now be exhilarating, the extra HP will propel you way past any legal speed limit with ease. Our tuning is perfect, shifts are crisp, throttle response is better than stock and the power pours on like a freight train. BONUS, our tuning is so accurate that when driven normally we've netted MPG gains of 1-4mpg city/hwy.

Don't get hung up on complex over priced competitors with options that don't make sense. Forced induction, when done right is not as complex as our competitors may be demonstrating and not everyone is looking for 1000whp. Our system is real-world and completely drivable daily with no surprises. Most importantly it's complete, they are packed with care so your installer can get through your install with ease. Trust the company with twenty years experience in the aftermarket performance industry - The leader in Jeep Forced induction RIPP Superchargers.


  • 7 hour install
  • 5psi
  • gain 1-4mpg

Stock 350AWD hp (Average)
RIPP 529AWD HP (Average)


RIPP Systems come with:

  • Vortech V3 Si Trim (Self Contained)
  • Vortech Race Valve
  • Plug and Play Injectors (New Siemens)
  • Front Mounted Intercooler
  • 3.5in Boost Piping
  • Diablo Pre-Programmed Intune (RIPP Tuning Included)
  • Powder Coated Mounting Brackets
  • Gates Belt
  • Air Filter
  • Hardware
  • NGK Iridium Plugs (colder)
  • 4 Ply Black Couplers
  • Vacuum lines
  • Zipties
  • Fully Illustrated Color Instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Tech line with Customer Service

PART Number:

  • 01213WK264-SDS1 : 2012 - 2013 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE SRT8


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This supercharger system looks better than it did when there was less information and fewer pictures. I take back what I said in an earlier thread, I would consider this option for a more streetable approach to the Jeep.

Nice job RIPP

Welcome to the Jeep world.
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