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rear taillights for europe.

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I am looking for taillights with a yellow blinker or a solution that would work
(taillights cannot be red where the yellow blinker is :/)
thanks for the help in advance:)
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I believe on the export model the tails were different? few guys have them on their rigs here in the states even.
I am not aware of any aftermarket ones I can get a price for genuine from a UK dealer if you want but you might have to get a loan to buy them, stuff isn't cheap here
Found a guy breaking one, not sure if he still has the lights, I've emailed him
seems like this is gonna be more difficult then i thought :/
Mmmm interesting day
Some one has been buying up all the used wk rear lights from the breakers over here.
One told me he sold 8 sets to one guy
My experience with theJeep dealers so far makes me wonder why I bought one.
7 dealers called, 5 unavailable message left, not one call back so far even with a price.

I hope nothing happens to mine as they seem impossible to get hold of

If one does bother to call me I'll post up the details
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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