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Rear Section Corsa Mopar Exhaust Mufflers + Predator U7135 Tuner (Merged)

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Was originally going to add this on to my Gibson setup, but the gibson sounds awesome as is. Plus I'm selling the Jeep.

Info on it can be found here....

$400 shipped. :) Never installed, looks awesome!

I'm in northern ID, hence free shipping.
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Predator U7135 Tuner

Excellent shape, unmarried and with computer sync cord, power cord and driver disc.

$200 shipped.


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$200 shipped for the predator? Found power cord and driver disc for it too.
$370 shipped for exhaust?
I'm not sure, the usual Mopar tips...4"?
Pm sent. Bump.
No one wants a Predator with everything you need for $200 shipped? Really?
did you sell corsa....ill take it, if not!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Predator sold....still have Corsa...
Corsa sold....Thanks guys.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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