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Rear Fogs??

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Does anybody know if there are replacement lenses in either clear or blue for our rear fog lights? If so, who is the vendor?

Reason being, I'm a voluteer fire fighter and would like to put a set of led strobes in there - I'm only approved for blue lights (red is for Chiefs).


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I have been looking for a clear set to put in there for months . There is no exact fit light anywhere so it will have to be a custom one or a light that it from another car .I have been trying rectangle fogs but haven't found one that looks good
What about getting some of the headlight & taillight tinting film it comes in colors.

Federal Signal makes some blue ones that may fit in the reverse section...i wanna say it was a 3/4" hole, shaped like a bubble. I've built a few public safety vehicles in my day. :)
@ J&D: The film would be great if the lense was clear. Tinting red only turns it to another color - with a red base.

@Se7: not looking to do the reverse lights... could simply add blue strobe bulbs if that was the case as I have done that in the past - the size of the hole for the strobes is exactly 1" - put them in front fogs and rear reverse lights then ran wires to the control head then to a switch/pwr. Done a few of them myself. I actually wanted to use the rear fog housing and simply add a led strobe bulb to each then attach to a flash unit.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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