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Rare 2008 White Jeep GC SRT8 in Houston

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Well- as much as I love my toy, my wife and I just had a baby and I think it is time for something more "practical." This vehicle is in great condition. The paint job is barely a year old. I have, like many other enthusiasts on this forum, maintained my Jeep meticulously. I have changed the oil every 3K miles with Royal Purple, brake fluid recently changed and coolant recently flushed. The only issue I have ever had was the Service 4WD light came on about 11 months ago. I immediately took the vehicle to the dealer before I went on vacation and they replaced the Transfer Case (and all fluids/additives) under warranty with a brand new one. Like I said, that was 11 months ago and I have not had an issue since. Tires are the stock Goodyears and have about 75% tread left. As a buyer, I like to know every little detail about a vehicle before I decide to buy and I am sure many of you are the same way. I will attach a copy of the CARFAX with the post.

Price: $29,000
Mileage: ~50,000

The warranty is transferrable and is good until 75,000 miles or 08/05/2015. There is a $300 transfer fee the warranty company charges.

PM me with any questions. On to the good stuff now. I have about $6,000 invested into this car.

Custom "Alpine White" paint job in late 2010
Custom Painted Yellow Brembo Calipers
IPod interface w/remote
Dual 10' subwoofers with amp (can be included or excluded from sale)
Diablosport Programmer (can be included or excluded from sale)
SLP Underdrive Pulley
Bwoody 4' Intake
180 Deg. Thermostat
Modified exhaust w/resonator delete and magnaflow dual in/out muffler
5K HID Fog Lights to match heads

Notable Options:
Sun Roof
RainSense Wipers
Backup Camera w/Proximity Sensors
Rear Entertainment
Nav w 40 GB Hard Drive
Remote Start

To View Pictures, Click the Link Below. Please let me know of any issues.


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Interested in any trades?
Not really looking to do any trades, sorry. That's a nice looking mustang you got, though. Lots of power!
Open to reasonable offers. No low balling though, please.
Did you have some Nitto's for sale on CL recently?
That must have been someone else. I have never had Nittos.
Thanks for the reply. They were on SRT Jeep wheels on a white vehicle (you can't see much of it), so it must have been a durango or something else (I doubt there are 2 custom white SRT-8's here in Houston).
Price Drop! Check it out!
looks great man, GLWS!
Bump for price drop.
Great lookin ride! way to mix the black and white.
Bump for another price drop.
Price Drop... $30,000 obo
Was this car in an accident and thats why it was painted?
Nope- never been in an accident. I have the Carfax attached to the listing on the first page. I just wanted a one of a kind SRT8 since they dont make them in white. Thats why I painted it.
AWESOME!! Love the white! Was thinking of doing the exact same thing! Is this still for sale? If so PM me and lets see if we can work a deal!
Price drop $29,000
What is the warnty on the paint? What kind of paint and who did it? Was the paint job complete - jams under?
Bump for nice looking rig. Still for sale?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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