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Racing Info Needed On Fontana Raceway In CA.

Ok this is the 1st time im running the 1/4 mile as Irwindale raceway closed down. The jeeps are having a meet out there on 3/3/12. At Irwindale 1/8 mile the last 3 times out with da from 553 ft to 2600 ft i ran 8.08 to [email protected] in the 1/8 so i need all the info i can get on the track. I have done a lot of research and called the track about being up hill and found out it is 12 to14 ft up hill from start to finish. Heres a few things i need to no + anything else you can think of.
1 - Starting pad.
2 - Can you drive around the water box.
3 - Do they prep the starting pad.
4 - Is one starting lane better than the other for lauching
5 - Anything else you can think of.

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-You can drive around the water box
-They do prep the start ocassionally
-If I remember correctly the far lane from the grand stands is the better of the two.
-When you first drive through the gate to enter the track tech in on your right by the end of the track.
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