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I just wanted to add my experience with R1.

Ordered my brakes a month ago, got them in within a week.

I know not much would happen to them, but I think some better packaging in the boxes would be good. Was a deep brown box, with 2 rotors in seperate boxes. With about 5" of freeplay. So they flopped around alot and the top of the box was crushed due to the delivery driver stacking one 65 pound box on another with a empty void.

But thats not a big deal. Rotors are not going to get damaged unless really thrown on the ground.

I installed the brakes, did the break in period and they work great.

I had a rubbing type noise when stopping (under 4 mph) for 20-30 miles. But once they broke in they dont make a peep.

I give this company a A+++++++++, will do business with again.

Also painted the calipers while I was there (long story short it was too cold to paint.. will repaint in spring..)


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