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Finally made the decision today to go with the procharger over the maggie. I have a few questions and could use some suggestions. Motor is basically stock other than long tube ar headers and magnaflow out the back.
I want the tuner kit vs the ho kit because:
I dont need a handheld, its getting dyno tuned anyways
I want to upgrade the fuel pump and not use a voltage booster.
I want the larger d1 as well.
What fuel system kit do i need and where do I get it?
Whats a safe level of boost for what I have?
What are good injectors to run?
Should I upgrade the throttle body?
Any other suggestions for this setup would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Get ahold of Harrison at stage 6 & he can mod your stock fuel hat with some twin pumps & get you some injectors as well.

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Good choice. Procharger FTW!!

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Go with 80# injectors and Stage 6 fuel hat mod. I would run an 8# pulley and nothing more for longevity. Think about your tranny. Use your stock torque converter!!!

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What SRTME said....
Tuner kit is what I went with then you can upgrade to a better fuel setup like the stage 6 method and get your own injectors instead of theirs.
I think you are gonna need a tuner anyway you tune it.
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