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So list up your pros and cons powder coating vs painting your wheels, I've been told by a few big powder coating shops that its not recommended to powder coat wheels and just go somewhere proper and get them painted because it tends to weaken the wheel? They also said that the sandblasting does take off a tad bit of the material (obviously) so its stripped and ready to be powder coated, and once its done they don't recommend doing it again say if anything is scratched or chipped because they have to sand blast again and take off more material.


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If done properly they are both good.

Powder is more durable if it is done properly. But with an aluminum wheel they will need to be sure that they know how to bake them as they can ruin a wheel if they don't know what they are doing.

Downside of paint is if you chip it or scratch it that it can start to peel/flake. But, powder can flake as well if the wheel isn't prepped, baked and cooled properly.

I have done both to various sets of wheels. I have had painted wheels flake and powdered wheels flake. And also had painted wheels hold up great (my stock WK1 SRT wheels) and powdered wheels hold up great.
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