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Pleasantly surprised with alignment results after Eibachs

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I told the guy the goal was to adjust the camber back to at least -0.7 and he was able to get it back to -0.3 on one side and -0.5 on the other. This was more than I expected based on what I have read. Why would some Jeeps have more adjustability than others?
Is this too far towards 0 for being lowered (stress on ball joints, ...)?
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Wow! You are the first I've heard of. You must have a factory freak.
I feel like I had close to the same results. I'd have to find my print out.

I still haven't seen any wear on the inside on the front of my nt05 after 13 or 14k miles.
Pretty good. My adjustments are maxed out and I am at -0.8* on one side now and -0.9* on the other. When my springs were brand new I was -0.7* and -0.8*.

I don't have any inner tire wear on my vreds.......I do have some nice outer wear, but that is from seeing how fast I can take off ramps and tires and pushing the tires to their limits. LOL.
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